love, some argue, does not exist

love, I argue, is all that exists

but only some are able to perceive it

few are able to comprehend it

and even fewer are able to spread it

but only the luckiest few are able to feel it

so when you’re offered love, embrace it

and don’t let it go

for no matter what you’ve in this world

you’ll always be empty without love

for love transcends us all



If I don’t drown myself in work
You’ll see me get drowned in many tears

I work towards something meaningful
So I don’t get drowned in something meaningless

I try to stay afloat
While I know my float is far away

Every day is scary
but what option do I have other than to smile away

There’s no day that brings home calm and comfort
It’s just all a work-in-progress chipping away



and keep going…

We live in a crazy world — it is quick to judge, quick to love, quick to forget, and quick at everything. You will feel like you’re swept up by a million tides. You will feel like your goodness is a waste. It’s a messed up system — you’ll want to stop believing in everything but evil. Please don’t. No matter what anyone says, please don’t doubt yourself. NO ONE’s perfect and neither are you. But you must believe in yourself and the goodness of your heart, no matter how difficult it is and how much people want you to believe otherwise.



cause I’m the happiest person alive ❤

When I leave, I don’t want people to have sad funerals. I don’t want people to be sad or cry or think that I’m gone. What I know about myself, I’m pure love and no matter where my body goes, my love will always remain with you. So celebrate me when I’m gone. Be happy. Here are a few things that make me happy and you can do one/all of them or whatever else makes you happy:

  1. Eat yummy sweets

2. Wear something colorful




a grounded and grateful girl looking to make a meaningful contribution to humanity and sharing my humble thoughts here