Celebrate me when I leave

Jan 4, 2021

cause I’m the happiest person alive ❤

When I leave, I don’t want people to have sad funerals. I don’t want people to be sad or cry or think that I’m gone. What I know about myself, I’m pure love and no matter where my body goes, my love will always remain with you. So celebrate me when I’m gone. Be happy. Here are a few things that make me happy and you can do one/all of them or whatever else makes you happy:

  1. Eat yummy sweets

2. Wear something colorful

3. Practice self-care and pamper yourself

4. Spread kindness and love

5. Learn something meaningful

(P.S. I’m not going anywhere but death is inevitable and I never want anyone to be sad because of me)




a grounded and grateful girl looking to make a meaningful contribution to humanity and sharing my humble thoughts here