If I ever lose my mind, remind me…

Peace, perseverance, and patience + honesty, humility, and humanity

If I ever lose my mind or get lost in the craziness of the world, please remind me who I’m, what I believe in, and what I should do.

The world is a strange place. There is gross inequality. Everyone doesn’t have everything, but everyone has everything they’ll ever need within you. If you have something, use it to help others. It is your duty to help those who don’t have it, and when you don’t have anything, be patient.

You didn’t do anything to be in the privileged position you’re in. Health, education, housing, food, family, free time, etc, are all privileges. Use them well when you have them (especially since you can lose them!) and be grateful for them.

Remember where you came from. You had nothing. You have more than what you started with. If you want more, be grateful and have patience. You’ll get there.

Lead your life with integrity, humility, purity, honesty, and simply.

Don’t get angry. Always have a meta-view of yourself. Understand why you do when you do things. Don’t talk unnecessarily. Don’t be a people pleaser. Don’t be scared.

Keep God in your heart and don’t wait to get to Heaven. With peace, patience, love, gratitude, and passion in your heart, every place is Heaven.

Remember what your final destination is — in the world and Hereafter. At the end of the world, you’ll die. Don’t accumulate stuff. You won’t take anything with you to your grave. What you wear, what you own is temporary. What you’ve in your heart is the only thing that will matter in the world and Hereafter. You’ll be judged for your intentions. Whether or not you get the results, work with a pure intention always.

You don’t need ‘more’ in the world to be happy. If you always keep wanting the next more, you’ll never be happy with what you have. It’ll be an infinite cycle of misery

Give more than you ask for. Give your best, be your best.

Be at peace. Principle of least action. Observe what the universe is giving you. Things happen for you and not to you. It’s for your best.

Trust God. Pray to Him. Ask for His Forgiveness. Ask for His Help. He can do everything.

Be Gentle. Be Kind. Be Loving. Be patience. Be Honest. Be Understanding. Don’t be greedy. Don’t be selfish. Don’t be impatient. Be good.

Do things without pride and expectations, and keep doing them. Do them with love. Don’t wait for the result or the reward. The journey must be the reward in itself.

You’re not entitled to anything. Don’t think that the world owes you anything, e.g., a house, safety, a spouse. Everything you’ve is a privilege. Don’t complain. Be grateful.

Count your blessings. If you can’t appreciate what you’ve, you’ll never appreciate what you get. Life will just be an infinite tiresome chase.

If you’re tired, you are doing something wrong. Whatever you do, do it with love, patience, compassion, peace, and honesty. The process must be the reward. If you rely on external rewards, your life will be filled with waiting and disappointments.

Fears is irrational. Yes, there are uncertainties in life, but the best we can do in times of uncertainty is to plan for all possible scenarios, or at least for the worst possible scenario, and just ensure that even the worst possible scenario isn’t that bad either. After you’ve planned, wait for more certainty — that’s external information you can’t control, but you can maintain your internal peace. If you want things to do, don’t worry, just have a solid plan for your worst-case scenario and be at peace with it. Everything happens for the best.

a grounded and grateful girl looking to make a meaningful contribution to humanity and sharing my humble thoughts here