Rules for Life

Be Honest:
Value the truth, accept the truth, and nothing else but the truth. Truth is not a judgment, truth is a state. Truth is an objective reality and not your interpretation of it. Be honest to yourself and to the people. Only when you accept the truth will you be able to live in it and maybe change it. Truth is also not about certainty — what you don’t know is as true as what you do know, and tbh, a lot of times, the truth will be that you don’t know — accept it.

Do the Right Thing:
Not the fun thing, not the easy thing, not the expected thing, but the right thing. It’ll probably be the hardest thing you’ll do in life, but it’s the only thing you should do. First, seriously think about what is right or wrong — unless you know what is right or wrong, don’t do it. Be rigorous and be reasonable. Think what is fair, just, and equal, and read about what is fair just and equal. Once you know what is right, do it mindfully, sincerely, and unapologetically.

Stay Humble:
Even if you do everything right and are the best person in the world, no else owes you anything. The good you do does not need external validation. The good you do will have only one true reward and that’d be the reward for your soul. Be kind, understanding, and respectful, and do it with humility, not pride. Keep your heart open and soul grounded. Care, don’t control.



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a grounded and grateful girl looking to make a meaningful contribution to humanity and sharing my humble thoughts here